Peter Dunn

Watcha me old china's. I am Peter Dunn, a mockney from Norfolk. I was born in 1960 which makes me an old codger.I was born in Slough which is a town 30 miles from London, which makes me a Londoner, but in 1968 my family moved to  Norfolk and Suffolk where I grew up before moving to the CZ Republic. I am married to my lovely wife Iveta  and we have been married for 14 years having got married in Trebon. I have 2 children, Nicole who is 12 and little Pete who is 6.We live in Chlum u Trebone in a cottage 1 kilometre from the Austrian border and which was built by my wife's ancestors in 1813.Hobbies and interest include collecting monopoly games ,sleeping ,reading,  history  and spending quality time with my family. I am a qualified stonemason and although not being a school teacher as such, I trained and worked in England as a special needs teacher working with adults with severe learning and behaviour problems. I feel very European due to my Grandfathers . One was Belgium and the other was Scottish. Below are our coat of arms and mottos.

A man is or exists by what he does and not by titles or diplomas

Mecum habito Dwell with me.

Peter Dunn

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